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Harness Nature's Power - Within and Without

All of Mother Nature carries a power, a power great enough to create magnificent mountains, powerful trees and sparkling snow fields. This power carries a life-force called “Chi”. Join Tina Templeman and hosts, Joanie Parsons and Monica Smith, at Revel Retreats in Roslyn, WA and give yourself the opportunity to feel and harness the power of chi through hiking/snowshoeing, yoga, meditation and QiGong (pronounced “Chi-Gong”) forms and breath work.

Here’s a glimpse of what is included:

  • Four yoga classes led by Tina Templeman

    • Friday evening

    • Saturday morning and evening

    • Sunday morning

  • Healthy organic and yummy food

    • Friday evening dinner

    • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

    • Lunch on Saturday for snowshoe event

    • Healthy snacks

  • Snowshoeing on Saturday (snowshoes are not included but you can rent at REI or locally in Cle Elum/Roslyn)

Be sure to sign up now!

Room prices reflect a 20% discount. Full price will apply after December 15th!

Roslyn Roost Room Prices:

Basement $475 each (2 twin beds)

Twin bedroom #1 - $550 each (2 twin beds) 

Twin bedroom #2 - $595 each (2 twin beds)

Queen bedroom - $675 (single)

Master Suite with King bed $595 if shared; or $775 single 

Sign up via the form here: