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Harness Nature's Power - Within & Without

All of Mother Nature carries a power, a power great enough to create magnificent mountains, powerful trees and sparkling snow fields. This power carries a life-force called “Chi”. Join Tina Templeman and Joanie Parsons at Revel Retreats in Roslyn, WA and give yourself the opportunity to feel and harness the power of chi through hiking/snowshoeing, yoga, meditation and QiGong (pronounced “Chi-Gong”) forms and breath work.

Be sure to sign up now! Room prices reflect a 20% discount. Full price will apply after December 15th!

Roslyn Roost Room Prices:

Basement $475 each (2 twin beds)

Twin bedroom #1 - $550 each (2 twin beds) 

Twin bedroom #2 - $595 each (2 twin beds)

Queen bedroom - $675 (single)

Master Suite with King bed $595 if shared; or $775 single 

Sign up via the form here: