The brainchild of Joanie Parsons and Monica Smith, Revel Retreats is a holistic hospitality company that hosts and organizes retreats, vacations and wellness events around the world.

From yoga retreats to company meetings, Revel Retreats provides opportunities for community, connection and personal growth.

Joanie Parsons


Joanie's interest in the mind, body, spirit connection started in her early 20s. Ever a seeker of knowledge about the spirit of life, she explores through various modalities, nature, fitness and travel.

Influenced by her mother's interest in women's empowerment, she is intrigued by what happens when women get together to find their true selves through conversation and connection.

Joanie travels extensively to hike mountains, explore and push her own personal physical and mental strength. Her work with Leatherback turtles in Costa Rica mirrors her belief that we are connected to everything and everyone.

Joanie got her yoga teaching certificate in 2013.

Joanie is the founder of Parsons + Co, a strategic communications firm dedicated to lifestyle clients. She is also a partner in trücup low-acid coffee.


Monica Smith


Monica has been practicing yoga since 2006, and is well versed and trained in power vinyasa, restorative, and slow flow yoga. As a former professional ballet dancer and avid rock climber, Monica emphasizes body awareness and structural alignment in her practice and instruction. She received her 200-hour teacher certification from Seattle’s Be Luminous Yoga in 2014. She believes that yoga can benefit everyone, whether the intention is to become healthier, stronger, or more grounded.  She strives to help students cultivate a more loving relationship with their minds and body.
She is continuing her study of yoga by pursuing a 1,000-hour Yoga Therapist Certification. Yoga Therapy is a complete mind-body-spirit therapeutic modality that utilizes all the tools of yoga including asana, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda and lifestyle suggestions.
As a former international real estate executive and entrepreneur, Monica understands the benefits of balancing the demands of work, life, health and spiritual wellness. Co-creating Revel Retreats represents a dream to combine her love of yoga, hiking, travel and connecting with others.



Grapevine and Crush


Monica, Joanie and Barbie Seifert co-created GrapeVine and CRUSH for women to get together over wine, conversation and connection. Appropriately the tagline for GrapeVine is Thinking, Drinking & Linking. Since January 2017, they hold monthly gatherings to create opportunities for women to unite together around themes ranging from women’s health, business, personal brand, mentoring, timely topics and more.

CRUSH was created for young women 35 and under to gain valuable insight from women who have gone before them. CRUSH brings together professional women with those early in their career to help mentor through experience so they can learn, grow and lead with shared knowledge!